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FameVerses manages the world’s best celebrities in every niche and is the one stop shop for getting access and engaging top celebrities for your projects in Web3!

210M+ Follower Network

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Managed artists

We work with all top names that you are fans of.



Our IPs and Talents have a cross-platform reach of over half a billion people.


People Reached

Fameverses have the potential to influence over a billion people if you unlock our full potential

Top talent from
every domain

Fameverses have a diverse pool of celebrities ranging from sports to artists to actors and more! We can fit any domain of your Web3 business.

Cross platform global audience

The talents that we work with are globally renowned and have active and mass followings across Twitter, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Instagram and more – we can build you a custom campaign basis your target audience and geographical niche!

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Social Media Endorsements

Fameverses enables campaigns for you as per your needs.

Brands in Web3

We are open and working with Web3 brands that are building NFTs, utilities, crypto ventures and more!


Fameverses have been working silently with over 20+ projects and have done over $6mm in endorsements this year.

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